Seminars by Peter Barwick

Peter Barwick is the Senior Investment Strategist for Urban WA. As a multi REIWA Top Achiever Award winner, Peter's expertise in property investment has benefited many individuals.

Here is a picture of Peter with two of his many REIWA awards.


Peter conducts regular seminars to educate participants on creating wealth from investing in real estate.  Topics that are covered include: maximising returns on investment rental properties, five keys to investing and the benefits that come from being financially independent.

Below is an example advertisement for a recently held seminar.

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“My clients have been very impressed with your knowledge, experience, attention to detail and thorough approach to assisting with the selection of the right investment property.  You are not just assisting with the right property selection but are demonstrating to them why they should be investing in property and what terrific benefits property investment can provide for a wealthier retirement. ” - Aussie Mortgage Masters

 House Median Prices of 1985 vs 2010

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  Imagine what position you would be in today if you had purchased a house or an additional property in 1985?

Click on the images below to see how your suburb has increased over the years.





Peter is a firm believer in the planting now and harvesting later ethos.  With tried and tested methods that he utilises in his own property investing, Peter is living proof that financial independence is within most people’s grasp so long as they are adequately educated as well as disciplined and diligent with their personal finances.

For further information, contact Peter or Maryanne (Peter’s Assistant) below:

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