Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

At UrbanWA, we encourage open and forthcoming communication.  So if you're new to the rental game or wish to increase your understanding, here are some questions you may wish to ask your Property Manager:


Q: Once a tenant pays rent how long does it take for it to be paid into my bank account? I have heard that with some agents this can take quite a while.

UrbanWA:Your rent is dispersed to you on the last day of every month.  Should that day fall on a public holiday or a weekend, then your rent will be transferred on the business day prior this.

Q: How long should it take to lease my property once it becomes vacant?

UrbanWA:We have access to numerous websites and newspapers to maximise your chances of securing a tenant in the shortest time possible.  Recently it has taken anywhere between two days and two weeks.


Q: Are experienced property managers dedicated to finding the right tenants for my property?

UrbanWA: We have qualified, experienced and licensed professionals who manage your property to ensure you get the right tenant and the right rent in an efficient manner!

Q: Are Open for Inspections held for properties for lease?

UrbanWA: We hold regular inspections that are scheduled to suit prospective tenants availability.

Q: Are prospective tenants personally shown through properties for lease?

UrbanWA: We liaise with prospective tenants to personally show them through properties.  No property is leased to anyone who hasn't physically visited the property.

Q: Is your property marketed on at least two websites, plus newspapers?

UrbanWA: Your property gets maximum exposure when we are leasing it.  This is done via three websites, two newspapers and our window display that has massive traffic on the weekends.

Q: How are tenants determined to be suitable for my property?

UrbanWA: A thorough interview and screening process with a background check is conducted to ensure the highest quality tenant is selected.

Property Management

Q: Are your established systems for property management documented?

UrbanWA: Our systems are well documented and each property manager is aware of the policies and procedures.  This allows for a consistent service to our clients as well as minimises the chances of human errors to occur.

Q: How often are rent arrears followed up and are letters sent out at the right time in accordance with legislation?

UrbanWA: Everyday! We have a tried and tested system that ensures rent is paid on time and should UrbanWA be required to issue letters to tenants, we do so in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

Q: Are rent reviews negotiated regularly to achieve the best possible market rent?

UrbanWA: Rental reviews are negotiated at the end of every fixed-term contract or if you desire, we can include a clause in the rental agreement to ensure you are always receiving the market rate.

Q: Are all contractors working on my property have licenses and insurance?

UrbanWA: All of the contractors we use are licensed within their fields and have the proper insurances to legally perform their duties. 

Q: As the property owner, do I approve repairs and maintenance tasks for my property?

UrbanWA: We work very closely with you to ensure all necessary works are approved by you before they are carried out and that instructions are followed accordingly.

Q: Are contractors regularly reviewed to ensure competitive pricing?

UrbanWA: Due to the volume of work we get done for the numerous properties we manage, we are able to get competitive rates from our contractors.

Q: Are property inspections detailed and include photos?

UrbanWA: Our inspections include photos and are part of the Property Inspection Report.

Q: Are the staff at UrbanWA experienced and receive ongoing training?

UrbanWA: Our staff are hand picked to ensure they add value to our client base. We coach and train all our staff to the highest standard as well as ensure staff partake in the compulsory REIWA compulsory professional development program