Why Choose URBAN WA to Manage Your Property?

Would you like to improve how much you are receiving from your rental properties?

Are you looking for an agency that prides itself on exceptional client service and proactive communication?

UrbanWA is unique among Real Estate Agencies in that we were established by experienced industry professionals who were also property investors themselves.  They wanted more from a Property Manager than just managing the day to day tasks, but also to work with them to help create greater wealth via property investing.

We are here to help you make smarter property decisions.

How do we differ?

We are avid property investors too and we are equally as passionate about creating a service that our clients will greatly benefit from.

What can you expect from us:

  • We manage your investment as if it was one of our own
  • We maintain your cashflow with our well established system that guarantees regular rental income
  • We meticulously choose the best quality tenants who will look after your rental property
  • We oversee maintenance issues ensure jobs are performed professionally and cost effectively
  • We hold inhouse seminars and events that help you become an even smarter investor
  • Our dedicated property management team minimises your vacancy times by renting your property faster
  • Our people are carefully recruited and are the most professional in their field

We provide hassle-free property management, so you can spend your time on more important things whilst enjoying the rewards of owning an investment property.

If you would like to discuss your property management needs further, then email us and one of our Property Managers will contact you shortly.